Leadership That Won't Work on Your Parents

This blog is for anyone that wants to develop leadership and management skills. Buuuuuuutttttttttt.........(in a high squeaky voice) unless you fit this criteria, you may not appreciate my advice. But if you do. You will see improvements in your skills and outcomes.


If you don't agree with all of these - you probably should't read anything on this website. It will just stress you out.

1. You are sick of profits at all costs.

2. You are sick of companies not caring about our society and the earth.

3. You value your time spent with family and friends more than money.

4. You hate that your job requires you to be physically present even though it does not help you do work.

5. You are sick of mostly white males running the show (I have lots of white male friends like Steven Bayer, Ryan McCluen, Michael Binder, so don't hate.)

6. You are sick and tired of bad managers and bad bosses looking down their noses at the way young people want to live their lives.

Well, if you agree with all of the above. I think you will enjoy this blog. All the posts can be read in about 30 seconds. Because let's face it. There is no way you would remember anything I write here. So insteaad of remembering, how about I just whisper really short tid bits of advice in your ear on a regular basis.

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Positional Power

This is a common one that I am also guilty of. You just finished pontificating on a new strategy or tactic. You finish up by asking, "does anyone have any comments, concerns, questions?" If you have positional power asking that question is bogus.

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Thompson Aderinkomi
Staying For The Wrong Reason

Let's define sunk costs as time or money spent that cannot be recouped. Using this definition, that time and money is gone like summer in Minnesota. Despite knowing this, I listen to many people that live their lives and practice leadership based on desperately trying to regain sunk costs. And they don't even recognize it.

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Thompson Aderinkomi