Empower > Power

My new sister-in-law asked me about my thoughts on how and why leaders should develop leaders. So that is what this 30 second post is about.

Leaders should not exert power over people but should empower people. The reason this is a good idea is because empowered people are like leverage. See the physics of leverage. It's a beautiful thing. The basic idea is by using distance and a fulcrum you can achieve more with less. Why wouldn't you want to achieve more with less?

How do you accomplish this? You empower your people by creating 1) systems, 2) processes, 3) distancing yourself, 4) allowing maximum freedom and 5) trust. These five things are our levers and fulcrums. If you invest time and money into creating these 5 items you will empower your people and reap the benefits of leverage.

Weak and lazy leaders do not invest in these areas and they suffer the consequences. Strong leaders spend the majority of their work time creating these 5 things. Don't be weak. Don't be lazy!

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Thompson Aderinkomi