Sin Eater

Our culture in the West glorifies the lone wolf-creative-forceful-intelligent-brilliant leader that causes the earth to tremble with every step she takes. These leaders are cast in such a way that we are made to believe they shaped our reality with one hand tied behind their backs.

This notion is false. The leaders that have the biggest impact have a team of peers at their side that they would do anything for, in addition to usually some single person that loves them unconditionally and supports their "leadership" way of life, i.e. husband, wife, partner, etc.

I have all of the above. My leadership would be made impotent if not for my wife of 14 years. Also, my leadership would be worthless if not for my peers who co-founded and run my companies - past and present.

You can maximize your impact if and only if you have a team of peers as described above working by your side. Optimally you have non overlapping skill sets that make the combination of the leadership team greater than the sum of the individual members.

You will know you have formed the right team if each member would rather suffer than see one of their fellow leadership team members suffer. Every member is a sin-eater.

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Thompson Aderinkomi