Forget The Golden Rule Sometimes

If I followed the Golden Rule in my marriage I would take my wife to Chinese restaurants. We would only go to StarWars, LOTR, StarTrek, or Marvel movies. And we would lift weights all day long in our basement. We also would not socialize with anyone ever. Because as my son recently said, "Father simply hates society."

Sometimes as husbands (and perhaps wives too) we don't engage in the critical analysis of what our partner really enjoys. We rely on outdated information that we learned while we were courting. Or worse, when we want to put a smile on their face we do for them what we want someone to do for us.

Try this. Think. What's something that your partner does that you really don't like. Do something for them or get them something related to that thing that will make your life even more miserable! In our "me-first" world and individualistic society the thought of sacrificing oneself even for one's partner has become foreign.

Let's fight this trend together. Be miserable for your partner and let their joy and happiness compensate for your discomfort. 

And let's be honest. It's not like you are going to die or be seriously injured.

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Thompson Aderinkomi