Meeting Jubilee

It is far too easy in the 21st century to go months or a year without creating space to really think and focus. Not doing so is detrimental to your leadership development as it stunts your growth.

These are the things can suck our time and prevent us from excelling as leaders:

  1. Networking Meetings, "Catching Up" Meetings, "Potential Partnership" Meetings
  2. Conferences, Happy Hours, Meetups
  3. Speaking Engagements
  4. Board Meetings

Almost every other month I clear my schedule and refuse to schedule any meetings related to any of the above items - no exceptions. I tell people that if they want to meet it will be a month or more and if they really want to meet they accept my restrictions. 

What happens is for an entire month my time is spent on things that were getting neglected and things that really matter to my team, companies, and personal development.

You should try it. At first people will think you are a jerk but if you truly desire to grow as a leader you need to forcibly make time to grow and to get real work done.

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Thompson Aderinkomi