Benevolent Dictators

Yesterday I was speaking to an undergraduate class in leadership at Hamline University and one of the students asked me why I am not open to feedback on this blog. The following is a summary of my response.

I believe the most compelling and inspiring leaders have their own personal brand of leadership composed of their own leadership frameworks. This in turn makes them slightly more controversial than the average leader. The reason they are sometimes controversial is that they have a subset of things that they believe that they are not willing to budge on and they do not care for anyone's opinion on them. If you want to work with them you simply must accept those immutable laws that they have defined for themselves and their organizations - sight unseen.

This blog is a collection of my own personal frameworks for leadership that I do not care to debate or defend. Some are copied, some are mods of what I have read or heard elsewhere (nothing is new under the sun.)

I challenge you to step away from the blogs, books, speakers, and articles and define a few frameworks of your own that you may not be able to defend with an academic treatise on leadership, but you know for you, they are the right frameworks. Start developing your own personal brand of leadership. People are more likely to follow you if you do.

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Thompson Aderinkomi