Empower with Freedom: Part 4 of 5

In the introductory post to this series I put forward that the 4th component to empowering your people is giving them freedom.

I define freedom as the ability to choose how, where, and when you work. This is often overlooked by leaders and organizations. Most still operate using the mentality of the industrial revolution where most labor was on an assembly line or in a field. Those days are long past for most workers - including yours.

If your people do not need to work with large fixed assets, dangerous materials, or are in the service industry then they are most likely information workers and you must invest in systems and processes that allow them to work how, where, and when they want to work. And even if they are in one of those industries I mentioned, with extra work you can achieve near freedom.

The benefit to you as the leader is you will get their best work. The reason you get their best work is because your people will be operating at their peak performance.

The benefit to your people is the ability to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction and balance between their work efforts and the rest of their lives.

Stop trying to box people into a building within a set number of hours. Stop forcing people to work in a way that does not empower them to unleash their full productive and creative potential. Let go of your fears that people will not do the work. That fear is based on a lack of trust which will be the 5th and final installment in this series.

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Thompson Aderinkomi