Quote 2: Work With Your Mind Not With Your Hands

Over the next few weeks I’m going to share memorable quotes that I re-quote on a regular basis from people that I have met. These quotes have had a big impact on my leadership and entrepreneurship. I think they will impact you too.

Quote 2 is very special by virtue of who it came from. What would you do with the advice and coaching of someone you looked up to, was 25 years older than you, a top executive in your industry, and spent a lot of time with one on one. Then suppose that person behind your back lead a hostile board takeover of the company you and your family sacrificed 3 years to build that lead to your immediate termination (for no reason at all) from your company.

For me, I still respect this individual even though I think he did me a terrible wrong. And more, the coaching he gave me over a few years I still believe is highly valuable. He is good at what he does. One of the many nuggets this individual shared with me was, “you are here because of your mind, as a leader, your ideas and ability to inspire, see the future, anticipate, solve problems is what makes you unique.”

His advice is true for all leaders. Don’t get stuck doing the work that you should be delegating. Make time to think big and solve seemingly intractable problems. Another benefit of this is it gives your team opportunity to shine.

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Thompson Aderinkomi