Quote 1: Don't Force The Universe

Over the next few weeks I’m going to share memorable quotes that I re-quote on a regular basis from people that I have met. These quotes have had a big impact on my leadership and entrepreneurship. I think they will impact you too.

I met David McDonald in San Francisco at a healthcare conference while walking in a crowd on the street. We remained in touch and visited each other from time to time. One thing he said over and over again was, “don’t force the universe”. When he first explained this he said the meaning to him was the universe moves at a certain speed, don’t try to slow it down or speed it up. Find the speed and match it.

This blew my mind as a young entrepreneur that thought I needed everything to move at the speed that I set. I have realize over the last 10 years that this is false and will usually lead to disaster, pain, and wasted resources. The same is true for those that resist change or move too slowly.

As a leader it is your job to find the speed of the universe and to match it for your people and projects.

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Thompson Aderinkomi