Mess Up To Make Up

A few weeks ago I had a major fail. My wife and I share a car and share childcare duties. I was at a meeting with the car and forgot to come back to our home in time for my wife to get to an important appointment.

I felt terrible and my wife Hannah rightfully felt worse. It's tempting to want to start making a metric ton of excuses to explain what happened, but I didn't. I owned my mistake and worked my free weight squatting butt off to make it up to her all week.

Do you know what the result was. We are even closer now than we were before. Every mistake or is an opportunity to get closer to your lady as long as you don't mess it up further. When it comes to your lady (and life in general) own your mistakes, no excuses, and work until you bleed so that there is no way your Queen can even be angry or sad if she tried.

I will admit this does take two. Your lady probably is not as cool as mine. But your lady also needs to have a forgiving heart. But this blog is not about her, it's about you. So get to work.

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Thompson Aderinkomi