Optimus Prime

In the Transformers movies Optimus Prime is always sacrificing himself for others, it's the classic savior motif. Yet, there is something to learn there.

Are you your lady's savior?  I don't mean saving their life from certain death. I mean, making their life so much easier than it otherwise would be it is like you are their savior.

This is my approach with my wife Hannah. There are some things that I just know make her life better and I am determined to make her life easier in those areas on a persistent and consistent basis. It is not about me it is about her.

For me, I take care of our children in the morning so she can rest. That is just one of the things I do. Sure, I could say we should share that duty equally but I don't because I love her that much. 

Loving your lady is not about sharing things equally. It is about treating her like a queen.

Find that thing my friend and in that thing be her Optimus Prime. And your lady will see you in this light.

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Thompson Aderinkomi