Like A Dream

How many times a day are you away from your spouse for more than 2 hours to be reunited?  I say it is at least twice for most people because you have to count getting up in the morning and returning from work. (Or they return if you stay home.)

Every time you set eyes on your spouse you should act like one of your dreams just became reality and walked in through the door or woke up in bed next to you. I'm going to be better at this too, we all can improve in this area. That fleeting moment when two souls come into view of each other is a magical moment that if leveraged can have positive spill over into the rest of the day.

The next time you are reunited make sure you go over the top and show how happy you are to see them. Even if you don't feel like it do it anyways. Our thoughts and emotions follow our actions, not the other way round, contrary to popular belief. And do this as often as you can remember.

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Thompson Aderinkomi