Get Uncomfortable

We do the most growth when we are uncomfortable or even fail. When is the last time you intentionally got uncomfortable with your leading lady (or man)? I'm not talking about talking about your childhood. I'm talking about doing something physically or intellectually challenging together, something that will hurt or that you may not be able to complete.

Examples are marathons, iron-man, memorizing something, learning a new language or skill.

Or if not a physical or mental challenge - what about making a life change that makes you both a little scared. Most likely it won't kill you. It will make you stronger.

Examples are selling your house, changing jobs, cutting off your hair (or growing it), going on a wild trip, staying up for 24 hours, read a book you both don't agree with.

I challenge you to do at least one scary, difficult, painful thing with your spouse at least once a month. Stretch yourselves. Don't become complacent or static. Your relationship depends on it.

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Thompson Aderinkomi