Respect Your Elders

Last weekend I was a delegate at the county convention to nominate candidates in Hennepin County. I was dismayed at how one of the party leaders addressed the delegates on multiple occasions. She was quite condescending.

However, the interaction that most disturbed me was how she treated a woman who called a point of order during the proceedings. The woman that called the point of order was at least 85 years old, she had to be. The party leader rudely spoke over her as she tried to make what was an incredibly valid point on the violation of a certain by-law by one of the candidates. The party leader than rudely dismissed her from the microphone, and ignored her request.

The way a leader treats our senior citizens is a window into their style of leadership. If a leader cannot show respect for another human that is 3-4 decades older than them, how much respect will they show someone who is 3-4 decades younger, or with less experience.

Leaders - respect your elders. They may not be right all the time, but they are old and it is your job to set an example for how you want future leaders to treat you when you are old.

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Thompson Aderinkomi