Only The Best

I've played in a number of bands and I was known as the set killer. I only allowed the best songs into the set. No matter how much time we put into writing and recording a song, if it was not better than the last song we had added to the set, it did not get played on stage. The reason is that people remember the bad song. Worse yet, someone walks in to the club while your playing the weakest song and then they leave before you play another song.

Best is not equal to perfect. If one seeks perfection they might find themselves making zero impact or progress. Putting forward our best means not settling and not crowding out the best with what is average or mediocre.

Leaders bring out the best in their people when they empower them and inspire them. If your people are not bringing their best on a consistent basis and you have validated that you have Empowered them and that you are inspiring them, then they have to go or they will bring down the entire team. Just like a mediocre song can taint the entire set for an album.

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Thompson Aderinkomi