Assume The Best

Assuming the best is one of the most powerful tools in your leadership arsenal that you do not actually physically act out or speak to anyone on your team.

It requires quite a bit of creativity. Whenever someone does something you do not like or understand, or even simply says something you do not like or understand whether verbally or in writing do the following.

  1. Imagine if the roles were reversed what you would want the person's response to be.
  2. In your mind concoct the most elaborate story you possibly can that explains the offending behavior or prose.

If you can do these two things consistently you will conserve your team's energy. Any time you assume the worst and act or speak on it you are needlessly burning your team's energy. And there is only a fixed amount of energy per day, it does not roll over.

Assuming the best is about preserving energy for the most important tasks.

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Thompson Aderinkomi