I recently had a conversation with someone and they asked me if I would ever say or do anything to my wife that was really hard on her but needed to happen.

My response was: "it depends on the net benefit to my wife - will it profit her". Since I do love her more than anything on this earth why would I subject her to something with a negative return on investment, whether it be mentally, physically, or spiritually related.

The negative impact to her must be far outweighed by the positive. If not, I rather work like mad to find another way or take it on myself or just avoid it all together.

On a day to day basis what this looks like is having the awareness to practice kindness, gentleness, and servitude towards my wife in order to ensure that every interaction she has with me profits her. I'm going to make my lady rich in many ways. You should do the same.

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Thompson Aderinkomi