Pause 3 Times

If you had to choose between someone being a really good listener when you are talking or them interrupting you all the time which would you choose? Hah! Obviously the former and so would the love of your life. Get with the program. Here is a tip to be a better listener that will have your significant other gushing all over you.

Being a good listener is a 2-step process. First you have to let the person talk. I know it sounds crazy but trust me, this is the first step. Second you have to value what they are saying enough to engage with it either in conversation or deeds.

My framework for step number one is to pause 3 times. In my head, I interrupt someone talking before I open my mouth to actually interrupt them. So, before I open my mouth I say the number 1 in my head. Inevitably a few seconds or minutes later, in my head I interrupt them again, so before I open my mouth to commit the vile deed I say the number 2 in my head. I do this a third time as well. After the third time, usually, the conversation has changed or I let myself interrupt them. Try it. It works and will set you down the road of being a better listener.

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Thompson Aderinkomi