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"I founded this conference (Mayo Transform) and have been coming for 10 years and you are in my top 3 speakers. And we've had some very high profile speakers."


My story usually starts in 2002 with my time in the graduate school of statistics at the University of Minnesota where I built a machine that could read ancient Greek text and tell you who wrote it based on the mathematical quantification of the author's style of writing. Then a whole lot of things happened, I met interesting people and did more interesting things. In 2016 I was kicked out of my own company by investors after having raised $8 million. So what did I do after 4 years of blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice went down the tubes? I started three companies (one, two, three) with  even bigger visions!

The reason I'm asked to speak at so many events - at least as I am told - is because I have an interesting story and I tell it in an memorable way. I'm also told by my listeners that I've changed their lives and motivated them to do the things they were always afraid of. That's the part that makes me the most excited. Helping people and organizations become the best version of themselves - the version that's a level or two above the version they thought was possible.

I'm also often asked to help create strategies for organizations, both non profit and for profit. I've served on the board of directors of WATCH MN, Youthprise, and MNsure. I've sadly had to turn down many other amazing opportunities. Yet, I'm happy to consult with boards to refine their strategic plans and help them make the tough decisions.




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